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Alliance Capital provides community and regional banks with access to the non-recourse lease discounting market. Our bank clients utilize lease discounting to grow their investment and loan portfolios without additional overhead. In many cases, the lease portfolio is one of the most efficient and profitable business segments for our bank clients.

Lease discounting offers your bank the following:

  • Improving your investment portfolio profitability by providing an additional 50-200 basis points of yield enhancement over comparable corporate bond yields;
  • Diversifying your loan portfolio's credit quality with the inclusion of Fortune 1000 credits, typically Investment Grade : Moody's Aaa-Baa2; and
  • Significantly growing your loan/investment portfolios without additional overhead.

Our loan opportunities range from $100K to $5MM with terms of 12-60 months for investment-grade to strong middle-market companies.

If you are looking to improve your loan/deposit ratio quickly and without additional overhead or you are looking for a diversified, proven, and conservative way to deploy assets, you should explore non-recourse lease discounting further. Alliance Capital provides you with the level of professionalism and service you need to succeed in the non-recourse lease discounting market.


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